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** Please note that the resources on this page have not been updated since 2015. Use at your own discretion. 

We’ve designed two lesson plans that can be used with a variety of audiences with slight modifications to reinforce the key messages of the Open Truth Campaign:

Sugary drinks are making us sick. The sugary drinks industry targets young people and communities of color to increase profits and brand loyalty.

Thanks to funding from California Health Care Foundation and Small Planet Institute, the Open Truth Partnership held focus groups to transcreate the Open Truth Campaign into Spanish. Let us know if you’d like more information about the focus group findings.

We have uploaded PDFs of the Spanish version of our Open Truth curriculum. We encourage you to adapt these materials to reflect the cultural norms and attitudes of your intended audience. Should you decide to modify or redistribute any of our curriculum materials, be sure to credit us! *See below*

Part 1: Sugary Drinks & Health

This lesson plan focuses on the health impacts of sugary drinks. The activities are designed to teach the following key messages:

  1. What is a sugary drink?
  2. Sugary drinks vs. sugary foods
  3. We are eating too much sugar.
  4. Sugary Drinks are making us sick.

Download Spanish Materials for Part 1

  • Sugary Drinks 101  – This PowerPoint presentation is an introduction to sugary drinks that includes data on health disparities related to the overconsumption of sugary drinks.
  • PT 1 Presentation Guide – This presentation guide will provide recommended language and activities to teach others about the health impacts of sugary drinks.
  • Converting Grams to Teaspoons – This handout teaches how to convert grams of sugar into teaspoons.
  • Sugary Drinks Are Making Us Sick Activity – This fill-in-the-blank worksheet reviews some of the health impacts of sugary drinks.

Part 2: Sugary Drinks & Industry Tactics

This lesson exposes the marketing tactics that the sugary drink industry uses. The activities are designed to teach the following key messages:

  1. Who is Big Soda?
  2. Big Soda Spends millions of dollars targeting kids with marketing tactics that associate harmful drinks with fame, athleticism, sex appeal, health, and happiness.
  3. Big Soda targets Latino and African American youth, even though they know that their drinks are making us sick.
  4. Take Action! Don’t be a target. Get informed, share what you know, and speak up for your health, your family’s health, and your community’s health.

Download Spanish Materials for Part 2

  • PT 2 Presentation Guide – This presentation guide will provide recommended language and activities to teach others about the industry’s marketing tactics.
  • Logo Activity - This one-page handout will help participants understand what a logo is selling.
  • Trivia Activity - Five trivia questions about sugary drinks.
  • Ad Activity - This one-page handout guides participants through how to analyze what marketing tactics are used in a sugary drink advertisement.
  • Sample Ads – A collection of sugary drink advertisements that can be used with the Ad Activity above.
  • Evaluation template

Creative Commons License*This curriculum developed by the Open Truth Partnership (led by Shape Up San Francisco) is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. We cite our sources for any facts/studies, and per this license, should you modify any of these materials, you must indicate what changes have been made.

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