September 17, 2010


I. Welcome back, Amy!
II. Action items
  • Sunday Streets volunteers: October 24, Civic Center
  • Frequency/format of Shape Up SF Meetings
  • December mixer

III. Shape Up SF Updates

  • Healthy Meal Incentive legislation
    Press conference: 9/27 @ 11 AM; Hearing: 9/27 @ 1 PM
  • Physical Activity Council
    • Policy Analysis
    • PE-A
  • Safe Routes to School
    • Baseline study
    • Kids’ Plates
    • Walk to School Day
    • Key Ped Streets Methodology

  IV. Coalition Agenda for October 13

  • Speakers – Susan Zieff and Jane Packer
  • Announcements – December mixer


Present: Ana Validzic, Susana Hennessey-Lavery, Amy Portello Nelson, Christina Goette, Bea Cardenas-Duncan, Marianne Szeto

Sunday Streets: October 24, Civic Center/Tenderloin – Marianne, Ana, Bea

Format of Meetings – Recognizing that meeting attendance does not reflect the health of a coalition, do we want to change the frequency and format of our meetings? TFP meets on as needed basis and require that their grantees attend the meetings. DPH requiring some contractors funded through CHPP to attend. SRTS partners? Do more fun stuff like mixers. Consider reducing meeting to every 4 months.

Next Steps: Stay on a quarterly meeting schedule (every 3 months) with informative monthly newsletters. Incorporate more interaction in our meetings. Amy will plan an icebreaker for October. Consider rebranding in November with new logo since our work is not political. This will be a timely discussion because Jane Packer will be presenting in October about the importance of brand.

December Mixer Perception that party is in the basement of a sporting goods store. Need to promote as fun, with food, drinks, music. Will create a flyer with how to get there and photos of ambiance.

Next Steps: Marianne to check with John Belcher on availability for 12/2 or 12/9. (12/9 is first choice).

Shape Up Updates
Healthy Meal Incentive legislation –
Press conference: 9/27 @ 11 AM; Hearing: 9/27 @ 1 PM, Food Guardians will be trained on 9/20. Mayor plans to veto, and there are 7 votes in favor of legislation. Need one more vote. Letter writing to Dufty.

Next Steps: As non DPH employee, Marianne will continue to work on recruiting people to give public comment as well as follow up with Dufty’s office. Marianne will speak at the Health Commission Committee meeting on 9/21 to voice Shape Up’s support. Add Bea to the mail list.

Physical Activity Council Policy Analysis – PAC is done with recommendations and working with Data Center and Design Action Center to develop a policy brief. New work is happening in two out of the five policy recommendation areas. SUSF staff will work with Mayor’s Office after November 3 to do a public release of the findings and recommendations.

PE-A – funded by the CA Obesity Prevention Program to conduct an assessment of how PE is happening in SFUSD and then to host a PE Forum to educate stakeholders to increase their understanding of and value of PE. Long term goals are to include PE in the API and AYP and to have daily quality PE for all elementary students by credentialed PE staff. Possibly work with Carmen Bogan to make her annual PA Forum a PE Forum. Meetings are the third Tuesday of each month from 9:30-11 at 30 Van Ness.

Safe Routes to School – we’ve added 10 new schools for a total of 15. Marianne is now working half time on SRTS. Walk to School Day is October 6 and we are organizing a press event at Fairmount Elementary. Dufty will lead walking school bus from Upper Noe Valley Rec Center to Fairmount’s play yard.

Baseline study – SFUSD is going through a school assignment redesign, allowing more kids to go to neighborhood schools. Working on getting funding to collect baseline data of all elementary schools this year and then follow it for the next ten years to see how a change in policy and implementation of SRTS program can impact how kids get to and from school. We’ve secured money from The California Endowment, the state through Lisa Cirill, and UCSF.

Kids’ Plates – statewide funding dedicated to child injury prevention. The Presidio Y has applied as the lead for SRTS to activate joint use sites with ped and bike safety classes. This was in our CPPW grant and also in our policy recommendations.

October 1 will be the start of a grant between DPH, MTA, and Planning to create a methodology for identifying key pedestrian streets in SF. There is no standard way for infrastructure to go in, so this process will identify what we have and where the gaps are. There is a system in place for every other mode, but not pedestrians. This project was the centerpiece of our CPPW grant to CDC and is also in our policy recommendations.

2011 Walking Challenge – may be a week or two earlier, so late February through end of April so that Amy can have more time before Summer Lunch. Amy and Marianne to schedule time after Walk to School Day to talk about streamlining process for SRTS sites to log miles.

Coalition Agenda for October 13
Speakers confirmed – Susan Zieff Sunday Streets Evaluation; Jane Packer YMCA rebranding
Announce December mixer

Next steering committee meeting: November 18.

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