July 15, 2010


I. Welcome
 II. Action Items

  • Act Bolder
  • Sunday Streets Volunteers
    • August 22 – Golden Gate Park
    • September 19 – Western Addition
    • October 24 – Civic Center
 III. Shape Up Updates

  • Funding (KP, DCYF, DPH, Federal)
  • Physical Activity Council
    • Policy Analysis, Perspectives on Health
    • PE
  • Rethink Your Drink
  • Safe Routes to School
 IV. Coalition Meeting for October

  • Potential Speakers:
    • Susan Zieff: Evaluation for Sunday Streets and Policy Analysis
    • Drink Water Said the Otter Evaluation
    • CADPH study
  • Shape Up Updates
  • Announcements
 V. Announcements


Present: Gloria Thornton, Paula Jones, Amy Henes, Ana Validzic, Susan Hennessey-Lavery, Christina Goette, Marianne Szeto

Bolder www.actbolder.com
The Mayor’s Office referred one of the founders of Bolder to Shape Up. Bolder works with businesses to structure a challenge and promote action that benefit society. When you log your action, you get a reward from the business. Matt asked if Shape Up would sign on and help create challenges, and Bolder will find businesses to offer rewards.


  • Makes sense. Can be a good way to promote our campaigns to a broader audience.
  • Give them our policy for partnership.
  • Walk to School Day – October
  • Bike to School Day – April
  • Turn off TV week

Next Steps: Marianne to follow-up with Matt. Steering Committee, please send Marianne any specific dates/programs that could make a good challenge.

PEP Grants (federal funding for PE)
SFUSD currently has a PEP grant that will run out and they cannot re-apply for a year. The YMCA is working with SFUSD and has picked up where they left off in their application, and Shape Up has provided a letter of support.

Boys and Girls Club has also asked for a letter of support. Their main focus is implementing Instant Recess or 10 minute physical activity breaks in our technology centers, along with increasing the length of walks from schools to Clubs, and a cooking/nutrition component. We also plan to create a citywide physical activity policy and train teens to lead the Instant Recess breaks. Their application is different enough from YMCA. Should we sign? BGC’s PEP grant contact has confirmed that it’s okay for us to be a partner for more than one applicant.

  • Will YMCA be upset?
  • BGC is a partner, and we’re a coalition.
  • Their application is different enough, and ultimately, it’s up to the funders.

Next Steps: Approved. Marianne to send signed LOS to Tavi.

Sunday Streets
Shape Up was not at the July 11 Mission SS. Shape Up has committed to being at every neighborhood, but there were two in the Mission. We definitely need to be at the remaining three and are seeking volunteers:

August 22 – Golden Gate Park – Erika Roddy, Rae Ann. Erika will bring materials back.
September 19 – Western Addition – Christina, Gloria, __________
October 24 – Civic Center – Marianne, Ana, ___________

If you’re interested in volunteering, please let Marianne know. We still need help for the last two routes!

CA Obesity Prevention Program RFP – $25k for 1 year (Aug 13/2010-June 30/2011)
RFP is looking for long-term sustainable change with a focus on high risk populations with low-resources. Their fiscal is UCSF, and if funded, we’d bring the money in through Study Center. Christina and Marianne brainstormed a few ideas from existing work or from ARRA proposal:

  • Rethink Your Drink – there is no policy work there besides the soda fee, but we have no control over that.
  • Joint-Use – we’re just not shovel ready.
  • Ped Network? Ana got this funded through CA OTS, and doesn’t need additional funds.
  • PE– this may be a good fit. We have convened a group of stakeholders and we’ll be holding a forum to raise value of PE in SFUSD and move towards daily PE.
  • PE assessment – how is PE actually happening? Observational study.
  • SEFA – development of food standards

Paula: Breakfast is shown to lower BMI but is underutilized in the school district. It would be great to see Shape Up take on school breakfast. Look at alternative modes of breakfast delivery (grab and go, breakfast in class). 25k could fund a pilot, evaluation, and development of a mandate.

  • There is high staff turnover at schools, including principals.
  • What schools is the Food Bank working with for snack program?
  • Can we implement at SRTS schools? Longfellow might work. 65% free and reduced. Ana to follow-up. School needs to have a SNAC.
  • Follow-up with Mark or Martha about which schools have SNAC.

Next Steps: Need to get more information about the breakfast proposal. PE and breakfast sound like the two emerging themes. Steering Committee can vote when we get more information. The application is only 4 pages max, due August 2.

Active Living Research Rapid Response Grants
There is no where in the country that a school assignment policy is changing and where the school is also implementing SRTS. It’s a natural experiment in the making. Ana spoke with folks from UNC Chapel Hill and Kris Madsen, UCSF Researcher, and will be applying for an Active Living Research Rapid Response Grant for $150k.

SFUSD is eliminating competitive foods, and Paula will also be applying for an Active Living Research Rapid Response Grant to see the impact this has on National School Lunch Program.

Coalition Meeting Debrief
Attendance is not necessarily a sign of a healthy coalition. Coalitions have lifecycles. SUSF staff get nervous about the turnout for each meeting. In September, let’s talk in greater depth about what makes the most sense for our coalition meetings. Quarterly? Three times a year? Different format? Mixer? Meet on as-needed basis? Evaluations always show that people enjoy updates, but it feels like the whole meeting is updates and there is little interaction.
We’ve done surveys as pulse checks almost every year. We can do one after the October meeting.
We can do a December networking party IF people (including Steering Committee) commit to be there.

Next meeting: September 16, 1-2:30 at 30 Van Ness Ave., Suite 2300, Front Room

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