October 9, 2019

AGENDA | Meeting Flyer (PDF) | Meeting Slides (PDF)

I. Welcome and community agreements – Saeeda Hafiz, Shape Up SF Coalition Co-Chair, welcomed everyone to the meeting and thanked Community Well for hosting us.Shape Up SF Steering Committee voted on an updated vision: Shape Up SF envisions an equitable, thriving community where all who live, work, learn and play in San Francisco enjoy optimal health.   Saeeda led us through our ideal day in SF where we are living this vision. If everything is equitable, what do you see, feel, smell, hear, feel, taste?We reviewed Community Agreements:

  1. Be present and trust the process.
  2. Be respectful
  3. One mic, one voice
  4. Step up, step back
  5. Encourage giving and receiving feedback
  6. Be willing to apologize/accept apologies
  7. Recognize when you have a knowledge gap and be prepared to learn from others
  8. Don’t insist that people give you credit for your intentions
  9. Each participant is responsible for their own boundary setting and self-care; but recognize that everyone contributes to and is responsible for creating a safe space.
  10. Use “I” language. Speak from your own experience and don’t assume you know and speak for the experience of others.
II. Networking – What’s in a name? Members broke into small groups, sharing their given/chosen names and the meaning, if any, behind them. 2:15-2:30
III. Learning Community

    • Community Well – Jennifer Navarro-Marroquin. Community Well was created by the people, for the people 4 years ago. Focuses on health and wellness on holistic and restorative practices. Approaches chronic disease prevention from whole human experience. They are excited to be recipient of Sugary Drink Distributor Tax funds that will allow them to do weekly classes looking at emotional support, group activities, food as medicine and to continue their “I feel good” program.
    • Community Grows – Kelly ErnstFriedman, focuses on youth development in the Western Addition and Bayview. They were funded through the Culture of Health Grants to continue their BEETS program. BEETS is a stipend internship program that uses gardens, kitchen and opportunities to develop leadership and help young people thrive. Learn what their bodies, mind, resumes need to get to their path to success. In their own words.Buchanan Mall project led by Citizen Film and is a broad multi-year project to revitalize Buchanan Street, to learn what the community wants there, how to activate it.The 19-20 cohort is accepting positions from 14-25 years old starting at $15.59/hr. Teens may work 4-6 hours/week and up to 15 hours for TAY.3-4 years ago, CG expanded the program to Bayview. Hope to get back to Alemany Farm. CG works with youth and partners all over SF even though they are based in Western Addition.
    • 18 Reasons – Sarah Nelson, 18 reasons is a community cooking school in the Mission. Last wed of the month is a community dinner for $15. Cooking Matters – free cooking and nutrition classes in the community. Can partner with anyone to provide 6 weeks hands on cooking classes for adults, kids and families. Caregiver, parents and families are primary audience. Bring the programs to where people are. Increase confidence in cooking good food. Teach creativity in your own cooking. Grocery shopping tours. Home cooking is foundation of a healthy life. Storytelling – cooking confidence, family spending time eating and cooking together through interviews.Sarah can share peer educator training though you have to graduate from Cooking Matters to receive peer educator training.
    • Q&A for all three presenters:
      • Has there been any discussion around data referral between community partners? No formal conversation about data referral, but Community Well relies on other organization for classes and is always happy to refer their clients. 18 Reasons cannot take individual referrals because they partner with organizations for their Cooking Matters series. 18 Reasons distributes a SF resource guide and is always looking for new updates. Community Grows doesn’t do formal referral system but it is a great idea. CG is trying to build a pipeline for where their youth go next. Alumni, job placement, support afterwards needs more tracking after the program.
      • Can there be a shared resource guide for all things food? Can Shape Up do that? CNAP has an outdated resource guide. The SRO taskforce has a robust resource guide, but the food resource list is lacking. Eatfresh.org from Leah’s Pantry has lots of great resources.
      • Zubaida Qamar is from the SFSU Nutrition Department and would like to see partners create opportunities for nutrition students. Build partnership with students who can benefit from these experiences. Focus is community nutrition.
      • Climate change – what resources exist for people to look at how food impacts carbon footprint?
    • Shape Up SF Coalition continually strives to create and promote a learning community. Today’s presentations wraps up the Culture of Health grants. Please let staff know if you are interested in sharing at a future meeting. It’s not just an opportunity to talk about how great your program is, but an opportunity to collaborate: do you need help to troubleshoot, learn about best practices or gather community input? Let us know.
Steering Committee Updates

    1. Retreat and action planning update – Steering Committee held a daylong retreat in September to operationalize diversity, equity, inclusion and intersectionality. We will share an equity action plan at the January 8, 2020 Coalition meeting.
      1. CBAT – help nonprofits build capacity and putting pressure on funders to do more capacity building work. Starting to plan another forum in the winter about how to evaluate capacity building. Need input and participation from community and find ways in SF to pilot something new with funders. Next meeting: October 22, 1-2:30 at 25 Van Ness, room 330A.
      2. PSEAT – Meeting with elected officials, learn how to develop or move policy forward and build out policy agenda. PSEAT can help take grassroot community concerns and  look at HEAL policies as potential solutions. Active transportation, water access, healthy eating. What are other broader policies/concerns not addressed in those frameworks? Next meeting: October 17 from 9:30-11 at Livable City.
      3. Equity Action Team – working on developing and operationalizing equity action plan. Will meet on October 23 from 1:30-3 at 25 Van Ness, suite 345.
    2. Organizational Assessment – Members completed an organizational assessment to determine where partner organizations fall along spectrum of race-equity approach to their work. The Steering Committee completed the assessment with Shape Up lens in July, then after the retreat and there has been progress to a race-equity approach. Your responses will help inform what learning series the Coalition may offer in the future to help normalize conversations around race, diversity, equity and inclusion.
Evaluation 3:45-3:50

  • 10/16 – BANPAC’s Day of Action
  • 10/17 0 SPUR – SPUR is hosting a panel during lunch in Oakland about soda tax and financial side of how that happens. Oakland, SF, Berkeley. How is it handled? Where is the money going?
  • Food to Farm film festival at Roxy Theater – tickets at 18reasons.org
  • SFUSD RFQ was released September 30. Applications are due December 20.
  • 10/24 from 6-8  the American Heart Association and SFUSD is hosting a parent town hall on vaping epidemic in Excelsior at Denman middle school. It will be livestreamed and recorded.Also working with youth groups to know how they want to share the information with their peers or community at large.
  • Children’s Council is hosting Cooking Matters and there are a few spaces open for Spanish session at end of October. Talk to Raegan if interested.
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