May 20, 2010


1. Welcome   1-1:05
 2. Action Items

  • Shape Up Budget
  • ARRA Advocacy
  • Volunteers – Giant Race, June 12
 3. Shape Up Updates

  • ENACT Day (SB 1210)
  • Walking Challenge
  • Rethink Your Drink
  • Physical Activity Council
    • Research, Perspectives on Health May 26
    • PE Meeting
  • Safe Routes to School
  • Funding (SEFA, Shape Up BVHP, KP)
 Coalition Agenda for July 14 and October 13

  • Speaker – Susan Zieff – Sunday Streets evaluation?
  • Shape Up Updates
  • Announcements
Announcements  2:15-2:30


Shape Up SF Steering Committee
May 20, 2010; 1-2:30 PM
30 Van Ness Ave., Suite 2300

Present: Lara Sallee, Amy Henes, Matt Richardson, Ana Validzic, Susana Hennessey-Lavery, Bea Cardenas-Duncan, Christina Goette, Marianne Szeto


1. Welcome
2. Action Items:

  • Shape Up Budget
  • ARRA Advocacy
  • Volunteers for Giant Race, June 12
  • Letters of Support
  • Mission Community Market Collaborative
  • Childhood Obesity Task Force

3. Shape Up Updates

  • ENACT Day
  • Walking Challenge Wrap Up
  • Rethink Your Drink
  • Physical Activity Council
  • Safe Routes to School
  • Funding

4. Coalition Agenda for July 14 and October 13
Speakers – RPD’s new model, Susan Zieff’s evaluation for Sunday Streets
Shape Up Updates
Announcements – Jeremy Shaw, MCMC

Shape Up Budget

  • DCYF has kept a line item of nearly 70K in its budget for Shape Up. As their priorities shifteded to focus on out of school time for youth, Shape Up is no longer a priority. The funding has supported staffing, Soda Free Summer, the Walking Challenge, Sunday Streets, and other miscaleneous projects.
  • Need strategy to advocate that the line item not be cut from DCYF’s budget. The time is now to start advocating.
    Matt will draft letter on St. Francisc Memorial Hospital letterhead. CG to send him names of who to address the letters to.
  • Marianne will follow up with other Steering Committee members, the Physical Activity Council. Christina will follow up with Cheryl (Sunday Streets) and Michael (SEFA).

ARRA Advocacy

  • Shape Up’s application was well scored, but we don’t know how we ranked among other applicants. The Health Care Reform Bill passed with funding for prevention. DPH and City Hall have been advocating for the funding to Pelosi’s office. No decision has been made yet on how they will allocate the prevention dollars that need to be spent by September.
  • The Prevention Institute is leading this effort. Now is an opportunity to encourage our partners to write letters of support to Congress and the CDC.
    CG will put together a template and we can use it with our partners, promote in on the Shape Up listserv. We can tie it with Obama’s Healthy Food Financing. If there are other HEAL Funded partners who could benefit, Kaiser Permanente may be able to write a letter. CG can find out through BANPAC.
  • We should copy Pelosi on all the templates.
  • A few months ago, the Mayor’s Office sent a package to Michelle Obama describing our chronic disease prevention efforts. She was in the BVHP for the Bret Harte elementery playground build. Is this a link we can use to our advantage?
  • Shape Up staff have also been meeting with Supervisors. Alioto Pier and Mirkarimi are the only two left.

The AT&T Giant Race

  • Shape Up is a co-sponsor. We will have a table at the Health Expo on June 11 and post race. Marianne will get details and send to SC for volunteers to help staff.
  • Lara will ask Elizabeth whether we can promote it through their Community Partners list.
  • Amy can staff on Friday.
  • Marianne will send SC the Sunday Streets sign up.

Mission Community Market Collaborative
Weekly outdoor market at Bartlett @ 22nd to promote healthy food, economic development, community programs, public space. Shape Up will officially endorse. Suggest to Jeremy Shaw, the organizer, that they connect with RPD and Community Benefit District. There is a fundraiser on June 19 and it kicks off on June 24.
Marianne to invite Jeremy to make announcement at July Coalition meeting.

Childhood Obesity Task Force
It began in CHDP, MCAH. Shape Up works with strategic partners to reach the sectors where we find people. COT has been our link with the clinical sector. There were previous efforts to formalize the partnershp, but due to misperception that Shape Up doesn’t work with youth, nothing came of it. With new leadership and better understanding, want to now explore whether COT should be an official part of Shape Up.
What does this really mean? Staffing? Resources?
If the focus is on a systems/environmental level and Gloria continues to staff it, why not partner?
KP has not understood why COT has been separate from Shape Up. Shape Up’s strength is that it brings structure. Being a part of Shape Up would possibly help it to get more funding.
Need to connect with MCAH. Twila has been interested and committted to it, but is open to not housing COT in MCAH. Could MCAH co-chair with Gloria to show investment in staff and resources? COT fits in the Shape Up umbrella.
Next step – explore further with Gloria, Twila, Cam on next steps.

Christina and Marianne went to Sacramento for this year’s ENACT Day to advocate for SB1210, the soda tax (which has been shelved).

Walking Challenge Wrap Up
Marianne reviewed stats from this year’s challenge, and some of the responses from the post survey. Overall, people enjoyed the challenge. The website needs improvement, people missed the newsletters and reminders to log miles, and would like a simpler way to log them.
We should reward the Team Leaders, especially those of Youth Teams since it is time consuming to log miles for offline members.

Rethink Your Drink
Just finished our series of Be Sugar Savvy Train the Trainer workshops.
Delay in getting materials out. Developed new “action card” to addresss spectrum of prevention.
Amy Henes will be developing distribution and evaluation plan for Spanish DWSTO.

Coalition Agenda
July – Rec Park’s new model. Need balance of food and physical activity. Susan’s eval would be a good topic, but less timely as RPD’s.

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