January 11, 2017

January 11, 2-4 PM
Please note the new location: 25 Van Ness, 6th floor, room 610

Vision: All San Franciscans have access to healthy eating and active living where they live, work, learn and play.

Mission: To convene partners for greater collective impact in order to create equitable and sustainable environments, systems and policies that promote healthy eating and active living across the lifespan in San Francisco.

Priority Areas:

  1. Increase access to healthy food
  2. Increase opportunities for physical activity
  3. Decrease consumption of sugary drinks

Values: Prevention, Social Justice, Diversity

I. Welcome and introductions 2:00-2:15
II. Looking back: 2016 successes

  • SUSF celebrated its 10 Year Anniversary
    • At this event, we looked at our past work, while also looking forward.
    • Barbara Garcia opened the event with a discussion of healthcare and disease prevention. She charged us to think about how to move towards a preventative model so less burden would be on healthcare.
    • Dr. Sandra Hernandez was our keynote. She urged us to be bold and stand up for health equity.
    • Leaders across various sectors participated in one of our 4 panels and challenged us for the future
  • HEAL Week 2016
    • SUSF sponsored organizations to host activities and events that promoted healthy eating and active living.
    • Together these orgs reached over 1,200 San Franciscans.
  • 2016 SUSF Year in Review
III. Shape Up SF and SF Health Improvement Partnership: A collective impact approach to decrease consumption of sugary drinks and increase consumption of tap water

  • Key highlights from report
    • Over 3,100 youth and adults reached by educational efforts
    • 85 SFUSD staff trained and over 200 students educated about healthy beverage choices
    • 5 new posters created by SFUSD youth for reproduction and distribution
    • Educational materials and curriculum transcreated into Spanish and Chinese
    • 4 City policies developed and 3 passed
    • 19 Hydration (tap) Stations installed in the public realm and 76% of SFUSD sites have stations installed
  • As a result of the Metta grant, funds and technical assistance were provided to CBOs
    • NICOS engaged over 800 community members
    • CARECEN reached over 500 families
    • Rafiki reached over 500 families
IV. Looking forward: Progress on strategic plan and setting priorities for 2017 3:00-3:45
V. Announcements

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