July 13, 2016

2-4 PM at 50 California St., Suite 650

Vision: All San Franciscans have access to healthy eating and active living where they live, work, learn and play.

Mission: To convene partners for greater collective impact in order to create equitable and sustainable environments, systems and policies that promote healthy eating and active living across the lifespan in San Francisco.

Priority Areas:

  1. Increase to healthy food
  2. Increase opportunities for physical activity
  3. Decrease consumption of sugary drinks

Values: Prevention, Social Justice, Diversity

I.  Welcome – Shape Up SF Coalition Co-Chairs (2:00-2:30)

II. 10 Year Anniversary Update – Christina Goette (2:30-2:35)

III. Uniting Parents for Physical Education (U.P.P.E.) – Funded by Kaiser Permanente, Dedriana Lomax and Marianne Szeto  and UPPE Partners (2:35-3:00)

IV. Brain Break (3:00-3:05)

V. Brainstorm strategies for the Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) – Roberto Vargas (3:05-3:45)

VI. Announcements (3:45-4:00)

Download slides (PDF)

Present: Sandy Ng (UCSF), Alana Pfeffinger (UCSF), Jessica de Barros Barreto (Children’s Council), Dedriana Lomax (SUSF), Jennifer Chinchilla (SFDPH-SRTS), Shannon Bowman (SFDPH-SRTS), Patricia Erwin (SFDPH-CHEP), Sarah Fine (UCSF-CVP), Brittni Chicuata (AHA), Brianna Russell (Girls Leadinig Girls), Arielle Fleisher (SFMTA-PlayStreets), Shannon Burns (Girls Leading Girls), Alonzo Anderson (Boys & Girls Club), Jim Illig (KP), Keturah Bush (KP), Carmen Lau (KP), Jessica Jew, Maya Rodgers (BVHZ), Dominique Nash (BVHZ), Tavi Baker (BGC), Roberto Vargas (UCSF), Chuck Collins (YMCA), Christina Goette (SFDPH-SUSF), Cathy Otto (ACS Legislative Ambassador), Jayme Tan (Boys and Girls Club), Vanessa Smith (Boys and Girls Club), Nicole Ferrara (Walk SF), Susana Hennessey Lavery (SFDPH), Antonia Williams (BVHZ), Matt Hitchcock (YMCA), Manuel Rodriguez (YMCA), Jessica Estrada (SFDPH), Marianne Szeto (SFDPH-SUSF)

I. Welcome

Shape Up SF Coalition was recognized last month as a Livability Leader by Livable City. It was a great honor and timely as we reflect on our decade of work in chronic disease prevention. Members of the Steering Committee were present to accept the award on behalf of the Coalition.

We have recently added new steering committee members who represent important sectors that we need at the table in order to achieve our mission. The SC meetings are open to the public and if you are interested in participating, please let staff know. SC meets monthly to guide the work of the Coalition and we are excited to have expanded our membership to include important sectors.

II. 10 Year Anniversary Update – Register at www.susf10yr.eventbrite.com

  • SUSF will be celebrating our 10th year anniversary on October 13th in the Green Room at the Warfield Memorial
  • Dr. Sandra Hernandez will be the keynote speaker
  • During the celebration, we will review our past successes and look to our future work
  • We will also be showcasing a word-cloud devoted to Shape Up SF. Please help us create that cloud by answering these 3 questions.
  • October 10-16 is Chronic Disease prevention week. SUSF will award funds to partners interested in hosting an event that week (Ex. Playstreets) to activate Chronic Disease Prevention Week.
  • Registration is open! We have room for 200 guests, so please share the link with others who should be at the table.
  • Special thanks to Marianne and Bea for leading the planning

III. Uniting Parents for Physical Education (U.P.P.E.), funded by Kaiser Permanente

  • SUSF has been working on raising the value of PE since 2010 with the formation of the PE Advocates (PEA). See timeline in slides.
  • UPPE was created to build a strong cadre of parents from vulnerable communities who are educated and activated around PE
  • Our target parents are from the following schools: Carver, Bret Harte, Malcom X, Hillcrest, and Drew
  • UPPE partners convened PE workshops at each of our target schools to teach parents why PE matters through a PowerPoint presentation, and to help parents become champions for PE
  • As an incentive for participating, parents are provided free physical activity sessions.
  • UPPE is a partnership between SUSF, the Bayview HEAL Zone, Healthy Hearts SF, Coleman Advocates for Children and Youth, and the American Heart Association.

IV. Brain Break! Christina led a fun and easy physical activity break. Everyone pulls out their chair and stands/sits everytime you  hear a word that starts with “B” while singing “My Bonnie lies over the ocean”.

V. Brainstorm strategies for the Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) – Roberto Vargas (3:05-3:45)

  • SFHIP Steering Committee Member Organizations include: CLI Health Equity Coalition, Dignity Health/St. Mary’s and St. Francis, UCSF, African American Community Health Equity Council, API Health Parity Coalition, SFDPH, Mayor’s Office, Community Clinic Consortium, Chinese Hospital, SFUSD, CPMC, Kaiser Permanente, Inter-Faith Council, Metta Fund, Human Services Network
  • SFHIP identified priority health areas: access to care, behavioral health, and healthy eating and physical activity. They are doing internal inventory of work that impacts key indicators. Since Jim Illig sits on the Steering Committee for both SFHIP and SUSF, he’s asked for the Coalition’s support in providing information. The indicators were selected based on 2 criteria: 1) must be collected annually; 2) must show racial/ethnic disparities.
  • Shape Up SF impacts the healthy eating and physical activity priority area, and the three indicators are:
    1. Pregnant women on Med-Cal, who are food insecure
    2. Seniors who wait 30 days or more for a home delivered meal
    3. Public school 5th graders meeting 6/6 fitness standards – Most of our work will impact this indicator. 

If your organization is doing work that impacts the above indicators, then please take a moment to enter your information in this spreadsheet. Let us know:

  1. What current efforts are happening?
  2. What other groups are working on this topic ?
  3. What can SFHIP do to help?

V. Announcements

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