April 13, 2016

2-4 PM at 50 California St., Suite 650

Vision: All San Franciscans have access to healthy eating and active living where they live, work, learn and play.

Mission: To convene partners for greater collective impact in order to create equitable and sustainable environments, systems and policies that promote healthy eating and active living across the lifespan in San Francisco.

Priority Areas:

  1. Increase to healthy food
  2. Increase opportunities for physical activity
  3. Decrease consumption of sugary drinks

Values: Prevention, Social Justice, Diversity

I.                    Welcome – Roberto A. Vargas, Shape Up SF Coalition Co-Chair 2:00-2:15
II.                  Updates

  1.  World Health Day and Warning Label Hearing
  2. PE Policy
  3. Measuring Collective Impact
  4. Shape Up SF 10 Year Anniversary
III.                Public Water Equity – Roberto A. Vargas 2:45-3:15
IV.                Announcements  3:15-3:30
V.                  Healthy Vending Legislation – Supervisor Mark Farrell 3:30-4

Present: Shannon Bowman, Monica Chinchilla, Dedriana Lomax, Brittni Chicuata, Roberto Vargas, Jessica Barreto, Erin Franey, Katy Birnbaum, Emilio Balingit, Dakota Smith, Dominique Nash, Janna Cordeiro, Arielle Fleisher, Lynn Breger, Michelle Kim, Heather Tufts, Tavi Baker, Levi Johnson, Sarah Nelson, Marianne Szeto

I. Updates

  1. World Health Day and Warning Label Hearing – April 7th was  World Health Day and the theme for World Health Day was Beat Diabetes. AHA convened a press conference at Civic Center and Supervisor Scott Weiner, SFGH’s Dean Schillinger, CBO staff, and Bigger Picture poet all talked about the link between sugary drinks & diabetes. In Civic Center Plaza, the Latino Coalition for Healthy California did outreach and awareness with Canzilla.
    Last summer, the Board of Supervisors and the Mayor passed legislation to put warning labels on sugary drink ads larger than 3’ x 3’ (See sample Ad). This is the first ever legislation of its kind, and many members of our Coalition  helped to shape this legislation. The ABA filed a temporary injunction saying that the law violated their 1st Amendment rights and that it presented inaccurate information. April 7 was the first hearing. The judge will rule within a week. Read a transcription of the hearing (PDF).
  2. Transcreation – OT campaign has been transcreated into Spanish and the website is under development. The poster is currently being transcreated into Chinese and a first draft of the campaign poster was shared.
  3. PE Policy
    • April 6th, PE policy went before the Budget Committee.
    • Policy serves to lift funding limitations from JROTC, remove requirement for JROTC instructors to have PE credentials, offer independent study and athletic exemptions for high school, eliminate the PE requirement for kindergarten, and reduce the PE requirement for 6th grade.
  4. Measuring Collective Impact – Surveys available to measure collective impact: shapeupsfcoalition.org/about/strategies/measuring-collective-impact. Every completed survey is an entry into raffle. Deadline: April 27
  5. Shape Up SF 10 Year Anniversary – Actual anniversary date is April 26th. Celebration will be held on October 13th at the Green Room. That week will also be Chronic Disease Prevention Week in SF, and we hope to have weeklong events. Co-chairs met with Public Health Director, Barbara Garcia, who supports the event and plans to attend as a special guest. She has also offered to invite Dr. Sandra Hernandez to be the keynote. If you are interested in providing feedback for panelists, contact Marianne.

II. Public Water Equity Presentation by Roberto Vargas

2 years ago, UCSF, DPH, AHA, and community based organizations with funding from Metta convened focus groups in the Bayview, Mission and Tenderloin to learn community opinions about evidence base-d approaches to decrease sugar-sweetened beverage (SSB) consumption and increase tap water. It led to a broader understanding of barriers to perceptions about water safety, regulation and maintenance of infrastructure.  Key takeaways –

  • Aging infrastructure – public distrust of aging drinking water infrastructure. Ex. Impact of Flint water scandal. About ten thousand children in Flint, Michigan have lead poisoning and political decisions have led to the destruction of the public drinking water system.
  • Cultural barriers – parental negative perceptions of tap water are passed on to their children.
  • Fear of fluoridation
  • Desire for SSB – water is boring.

Facilitators to increased water consumption:

  • Easy access
  • Education about safety of tap water
  • Increase water bottle stations in the public realm.
  • Filtration or testing
  • Education about SSB health harms
  • Make water more attractive
  • Maintenance

Federal and state policies are helping to assure that public water in the public and in schools are safe. In SFUSD, 100% of schools will have a water bottle filling station where food is served. There are 34 at school-based sites and within 1-2 years, 100% will be in compliance.

The first phase for PUC was to install the water stations in high traffic areas like the airport, Yerba Buena Gardens, Moscone. The second phase is about providing equitable access.

III. Announcements

  • Monica Chinchilla representing the SF effort to get a soda tax on the November ballot. Currently has 12K signatures and want 5K more in 11 month. If interested in volunteering, contact Monica.
  • Brittni announced that Oakland is trying to get a soda tax on the November ballot as well. The second hearing will be on May 3.
  • Arielle Fleisher from SFMTA is trying to get PlayStreets off the ground and looking for community partners and funding.
  • Katy Birnbaum announced that Sunday Streets will be in the Bayview on May 1. Let her know if you’d like your organization to have a presence.

IV. Healthy Vending Legislation – Supervisor Mark Farrell

Ordinance amending the Administrative Code to require that prepackaged food and beverages sold in vending machines on City property meet specified nutritional standards; to require City departments to make best efforts to meet nutritional guidelines for food and beverages purchased with City funds and served at City events and meetings; and to encourage restaurants, cafeterias, and concessions located on City property to offer healthy food options. It is expected to be heard at committee on April 27. Click for more info on status.


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