Open Truth Chinese Materials

SUSF.OT3.Poster.11x17.ChineseSugary drinks are making us sick!

We have uploaded Chinese versions of materials that can support our Open Truth campaign. We encourage you to adapt these materials to reflect the cultural norms and attitudes of your intended audience. Be sure to review our cover letter, which provides a brief description of our campaign and instructions for how to receive word document versions of the below materials. Should you decide to modify or redistribute any of our curriculum materials, be sure to credit us! *see below*


Download Chinese Materials


Creative Commons License
*This curriculm developed by the Open Truth Partnership (led by Shape Up San Francisco) is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. We cite our sources for any facts/studies, and per this license, should you modify any of these materials, you must indicate where changes have been made.

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