Creating a Rethink Your Drink Display

Creating a Rethink Your Drink display is easy and fun! Seeing the sugar content of popular drinks is always powerful for all audiences. A few tips –

  • If the display is not supervised, use EMPTY bottles to reduce the risk of someone taking and actually drinking the beverage!
  • If the display is being used outdoors, secure empty containers to the table with masking tape. You can use sand to help weigh them down.
  • Offer spa water* as a healthy and tasty beverage alternative! People of all ages enjoy it and like to come up with their own recipes. Spa water is tap water infused with fresh/frozen fruit, herbs, or even veggies.
  • Switch out the drinks periodically and make sure to use drinks that are culturally relevant.


Avery Labels (5160 or 5133) for teaspoons of sugar of popular drinks (WORD) – print out these labels and stick them to containers or baggies to show how much added sugar is in a container. This template is also compatible with Avery Label 5331.

Converting grams of sugar into teaspoons (PDF) – Available in English, Spanish and Chinese, this sign can be taped onto a table, or if you have a display board, posted prominently in the middle. It’s the perfect take-away lesson for people who visit your table.

Here are pictures to inspire your own display, but there are lots of creative ways to do it!

RYD SLN 2SunnyDIMG_9781children ryd set up