Coalition Structure

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Steering Committee | Capacity Building Action Team (CBAT) | Policy, Systems and Environments Action Team (PSEAT) | Backbone

The Shape Up SF Coalition operates within a collective impact framework. All the partners at the collective table share a common agenda to reduce chronic disease health inequities and a commitment to shared metrics. Read further about the functions of the key players involved:

Steering Committee

  • Comprised of cross-sector stakeholder partners (representative of the large ecosystem)
  • Provides strategic direction for the initiative and champions the work
  • Committee members are chairs for action teams
  • Led by two co-chairs

Stakeholder Partners

  • Individual organizations and members of the community (e.g, nonprofit, funder, business, public agency, student, parent, resident)
  • Partners should have access to a variety of opportunities to learn about and engage in the initiative

Action Teams – CBAT and PSEAT

  • Comprised of cross-sector stakeholder partners targeting particular element of common agenda
  • Designs and implements a targeted action plan, involving non-work group members as needed
  • Led by two stakeholder partners willing to invest time and (ideally) staff capacity

Backbone Support

  • Provides dedicated staff
  • Serve as a neutral, coordinating entity that convenes stakeholders and manages activities
  • Supports the work of partners by assisting with strategic planning, supporting aligned activity, establishing shared measurement, building public will and mobilizing resources


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