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Why Be Active Fact Sheet (PDF)
Why Eat Healthy Fact Sheet (PDF)
Obesity Fact Sheet (PDF)
Diabetes Fact Sheet (PDF)

Healthy and Sustainable Food for San Francisco

Executive Directive 09-03 (PDF)

Eat This, Not That (PPT) by Amy Portello Nelson
We all know that it’s good to eat fresh, local, organic food whenever possible, but we also know that no one is going to ALWAYS do that. Sometimes we want ice cream and cookies! This presentation will help you realize what frozen pizzas are lower in cholesterol and calories, which fast food options will fill you up with nutrients instead of fat, and what things you should NEVER put in your shopping cart again.

Food Preferences in San Francisco’s Southeast Sector : A survey conducted by the Southeast Food Access Working Group.
SEFA Food Preferences Survey Results and Analysis-October 2007 (PDF)

The Southeast Sector Food Preferences Survey was created and administered by the SEFA Working Group to 562 residents who reflect the diversity of the neighborhood. Ninety-four percent of those surveyed say they would actively support new food options in the Bayview-Hunters Point.

Other Significant Survey Findings:

  • Most residents buy their food outside of the neighborhood. Over half (58%) say they frequently buy their groceries at Safeways in other neighborhoods.
  • Four out of five respondents say “freshness” is the most important factor when choosing a place to shop for food; far more than those who prioritize affordability and other factors.
  • Survey respondents care about values associated with workers’ rights and organic foods. A majority (58%) want a co-op market; and over half (53%) say it is “most important” that foods be free of pesticides and chemicals, and be grown by local farmers who treat farm workers fairly.

Mayor Gavin Newsom issues proclamation declaring May 3, 2010 National Physical Activity Plan Launch Day (PDF)

Shape Up Summit April 2006 Statistics (PDF)