Public documents associated with Warning Label lawsuit

Public documents associated with the lawsuit:

  1. ABA et al complaint (PDF)
  2. SF answer to complaint (PDF)
  3. ABA Motion for Preliminary Injunction (PDF)
  4. ABA Prelim Injunction Expert Reports (PDF)
  5. Sample of Ad with Warning Label (PNG)
  6. SF’s Response to Motion for Prelim Injunction SSB warning (PDF)
  7. SF Expert Report Dr. Dean Schillinger (PDF)
  8. SF Expert Report Dr. Walter Willett (PDF)
  9. SF Expert Report Dr. David Hammond (PDF)
  10. SF Expert Report Christina Goette (PDF)
  11. SF Amicus Brief of American Heart Assn et al- Filed 2.23.16 (PDF)
  12. SF SSB Warning Amicus Brief – APPENDIX A – signatories (PDF)
  13. Transcript from April 7, 2016 Hearing (PDF)
  14. Preliminary injunction ruling (PDF)
  15. Judge Chen’s Ruling on Injunction Pending Appeal (PDF)
  16. SF Answering Brief (PDF)

Public documents from the appeal process:

1. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals Amicus Brief for CCSF (PDF)

Read the Viewpoint that Dean Schillinger MD and Michael Jacobson, PhD released in JAMA on Science and Public Health on Trial:  Warning Notices on Advertisements for Sugary Drinks.

American Beverage Association (ABA)/California State Outdoor Advertising Association (CSOAA)

1. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ABA Opening Statement (PDF)
2. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals CSOAA Opening Statement (PDF)
3. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ABA Amicus Washington Legal Fund (PDF)
4. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ABA Amicus Chamber of Commerce of US (PDF)
5. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ABA Amicus Association of National Advertisers (PDF)
6. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ABA Amicus Pacific Legal Foundation (PDF)

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