Bayview HEAL Zone

BAYVIEW HZ LOGOHEAL stands for Healthy Eating Active Living, and the goal of the project is to help Bayview Hunters Point (BVHP) residents eat better and move more in places where they live, work, and play. The HEAL Zone will work with different organizations and businesses in the Bayview to help BVHP residents:

– Eat fewer calories;
– Eat more fruits and vegetables; and
– Get more active.

Offering free exercise classes and cooking demos, helping stores to offer more fresh fruits and vegetables, and creating safer walkways and places to play are some of the ways that the Bayview HEAL Zone will give BVHP residents more healthy options.

Meet the Staff:

Maya Rodgers serves as the Bayview HEAL Zone Coordinator. Maya Rodgers, a San Francisco native, is a social worker by trade and holds a Masters in Social Work. She has 20 years experience  working with San Francisco’s most vulnerable and disenfranchised populations. Her passions are in community development and engagement focused on the increased value of the input of those that are impacted the most.

Jerroyn Collins is the Urban Agriculture Food Guardian. He was born and raised in the Bayview. Has been working with the Bayview HEAL Zone for the past year. He is passionate about improving the health of his family and his community. As the Urban Agriculture Food Guardian his work includes facilitating garden workshops, co-coordinating community health days, and managing the Bayview community garden database. Jerroyn also currently works as an Health Educator with the San Francisco Department of Public Health YUTHE team. He plans to go back to school to get a BS in Sports Management.

Antonia Williams is a SEFA Food Guardian and a life-long Bayview Hunter’s Point resident. She has been working since the age of 12 to better her community. She has a strong background of working with community-based nonprofits, including working for the San Francisco Conservation Corps, where she started as a youth worker and worked her way up to Crew Leader and Driver Specialist. She is currently Bayview HEAL Zone’s Staff for all of the School based work. She is very passionate about being able to engage and educate youth about healthier lifestyles and setting new norms. She also conducts a number of presentations to inform youth and young adults on Sugar Sweetened Beverages. This year she has been involved with Shape Up SF’s Uniting Parents for Physical Education (UPPE) conducting presentations and connecting parents to information. She is dedicated to bettering the Bayview community for its lifelong residents. She plans to go back to school to pursue a certificate for Community Health Workers and a degree in Criminal Justice.

Dominique Nash is the Bayview HEAL Zone (BVHZ) program assistant. She has a background in public health research and programming. She is passionate about the health and chronic illnesses that plague communities of color. Her prior work experience includes working as a Program Coordinator for the New England Regional Health Equity Council and as a Research Assistant at Tufts University. She received her MPH in Urban Health from Northeastern University and her BS in Health Education from San Francisco State University.

The Staff in Action:

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Contact the Bayview HEAL Zone staff for more information:

Maya Rodgers, Bayview HEAL Zone Coordinator

Phone: (415) 
822-7500 x29

Fax: (415) 581-2490

Downtown Office:
San Francisco Department of Public Health
30 Van Ness Ave., Suite 2300
San Francisco, CA 94102

Bayview Office:
1625 Carroll Avenue (2nd Floor)
San Francisco, CA 94124

HEAL Zones website

The Bayview HEAL Zone is a community project funded byKaiser Permanente