November 18, 2010


1. Action Items

  • Help promote December 9 mixer at Sports Basement
  • Year in Review – deadline December 10
  •  Healthy Meal Incentives, champion among BOS

2. Shape Up Updates 

  •  Shape Up Rebranding
  • Walking Challenge
  •  Physical Activity Council
    o Policy Analysis – 12/6 from 12-1:30 @ SPUR
    o PE-A – Endorsing Organizations, fundraising, outreach
  •  Safe Routes to School – Professional Development Day, baseline study, Kids’ Plates grant

3. Coalition Agenda for January 12, 2011 

  •  Speakers –
    oYMCA branding (30 min)
    oDCYF Community Needs Assessment? (45 min)
  • Shape Up Updates
  •  Announcements

5. Announcements – All


Present: Bea Cardenas-Duncan, Amy Portello Nelson, Susan Hennessey-Lavery, Christina Goette, Marianne Szeto, Gloria Thornton


Action Items

PARTY: Steering Committee members promised to attend the Sports Basement party (12/9 @ 5:30 PM) and bring goodies if possible. Please help promote the party by sending these to partners:


Link to flyer:

Doodle poll for RSVP:


Year in Review: Deadline December 10

Marianne will review archive of newsletters, but please send 1-2 sentence blurbs about successes under the Shape Up SF umbrella.


Healthy Meal Incentive Ordinance

Final vote on 11/23 at 2 PM. The Mayor vetoed the legislation at the event last Friday at Fairmount Elementary. Lots of media. There is a supermajority among Board of Supervisors, and Dufty and Maxwell’s votes are solid. Libby’s letter to the editor was published on Tuesday.


Article in Chronicle about decreased intake of fruit and veggies in spite of an educational campaign.

Supports efforts like Healthy Meal Incentives because education is not enough.


While we believe that this ordinance does help to make the healthy choice an easier choice for parents, Shape Up got involved with this effort to help cultivate a champion in Supervisor Mar. He attended the UCSF-PAN meeting in October and is interested in working with us to talk about a sugar fee/soda tax. We are meeting with Mar and UCSF folks on 12/9.


Shape Up Updates

Shape Up SF Rebranding

  • Focus – With the Mayor leaving for Sacramento, we need to consider the future of Shape Up. Our focus will remain on our major initiatives such as the Walking Challenge, SEFA, SRTS, PE, Rethink Your Drink, the Coalition and Summer Lunch (though major changes may be underway to increase quality of food and uptake).
  • Funding commitment – funding comes from DCYF (through pressure from the Mayor’s Office), Kaiser Permanente, and Safe Routes to School. Kaiser has expressed their support, SRTS is solid for another 2 grant years. DCYF’s funding commitment is unclear. Consider SF Foundation and Wellpoint Foundation. Gloria will talk to Harvinder Sareen, lead for obesity at Wellpoint.
  • Opportunity – With this transition from the Mayor, we have an opportunity to revisit how we do things and how our affiliation impacts our work. People recognize our logo, but maybe we just remove “The Mayor’s Challenge:” from the top and make the logo square. The Physical Activity Council was appointed by the Mayor and perhaps it’s now time to disband the PAC. The policy report is from the PAC. Shape Up has also been doing outreach with the BOS, making it clear that our work is not political. The new supervisors for districts 10, 6, 8 are somewhat familiar with Shape Up and we will be doing outreach to them. Malia attended a Sugar Savvy training, Jane Kim is president of the Board of Ed, and Gillian Gillet of SPUR is the new aide for district 8.
  • Advocacy – The Healthy Meal Incentive experience showed the difficulty in advocating for policy change since the Mayor made it clear that he would veto this ordinance. Consider inserting language in either operating procedures or a policy platform that will allow the Coalition to advocate for policies, to lobby. The Tobacco Free Coalition is set up this way and allows the TFC to represent the community.
  • Next Steps:
  1. Investigate moving the Shape Up website off city servers
  2. Talk to Repro about editing the logo
  3. Use the Year in Review to kick off new logo
  4. Get a statement from Barbara Garcia to show commitment of DPH for our work


Physical Activity Council

  • Policy Analysis Report will be released on Monday, December 6 from 12:30-1:30 at SPUR (654 Mission St.).
  • PE – continuing outreach, presented to District PTA, seeking official endorsements and funding. Need to raise at least $10K more.



  • On 11/2, the Food Guardians received a commendation from Maxwell for their tremendous efforts in the Bayview. They were also instrumental in advocating for the Healthy Meal Incentive Ordinance. The FG are accomplishing a lot and looking to increasing their hours.
  • December 3 is Sabrina’s last day and SEFA is currently interviewing for a fulltime Food Guardian Coordinator.
  • Developed a brief for funding for SuperSave. Have partnered with Redevelopment. The Health Commission adopted a resolution in support of this work on Tuesday. There is a national movement for healthy financing.


Walking Challenge February 28 – May 6, 2011

Amy has secured partnership with SF City Guides who will develop a weekly route for us to promote during WC. They will also develop discounted/free walks for youth. Amy is workingo n developing newsletter content and outreach to local businesses for discounts/prizes. Gloria has secured 250 pedometers from Anthem. Amy has pushed back with the web developer on costs but has not heard back yet. She will begin testing in January.

Coalition Agenda January 12, 2011

  • Speakers – Jane Packer, YMCA rebranding
  • Amy asked to use the coalition meeting for a focus group on DCYF’s community needs assessment. The data needs to be collected and analyzed by end of January. Takes at least 45 minutes. This focus group was conducted at Shape Up meetings before, when we were on a monthly schedule. To devote 45 minutes now, when we meet only 4 times a year is a lot. Consider using the Childhood Obesity Task Force meeting, which is monthly, instead. Gloria will provide Amy the dates and Marianne can help promote the meeting through listserv, Facebook, etc. We could also promote time before or after the Coalition meeting. Amy to send Marianne more information about the assessment for discussion.
  • December 8 – Unsung Heroes luncheon with free lunch  at Cameron House. Marianne to send invitation to Steering Committee.
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