May 25, 2011

1. Action Items

1. Summer Learning Day at Civic Center Plaza on June 21 from 12-2PM
2. Letter to Senator Boxer
3. Shape Up SF Coalition Meetings

2. Shape Up Updates

  1. HEAL Zone
  2. Walking Challenge
  3. Safe Routes to School – new grant begins September 1; Cycle 3 due July 15
  4. PE Advocates –, John Ratey
  5. Rethink Your Drink – Kick off at Rosa Parks ES; June 7 Jr. Giants
  6. SEFA Healthy Food Financing

3. Upcoming Coalition Meeting Agendas
July – SEFA/FG; Announcement – Blue Walcer and Shermineh Jafarieh- SFGH wellness initiative, broad and community-centered, working with diverse, underserved populations.
October – PE Forum debrief and policy Rx (Hannah confirmed)

4. Announcements

  • Community Transformation Grants – July 15
  • YMCA Community Forum – June 8, 8:30-1 at Chinatown YMCA
  • Childhood Obesity Conference – June 28-30

Present: Paula Jones, Ana Validzic, Bea Cardenas-Duncan, Christina Goette, Marianne Szeto

I. Action Items

  • Summer Learning Day at Civic Center Plaza on June 21 from 12-2PM – Marianne presented Sugar Savvy at the Summer Learning Network’s Professional Development Day on May 13 for 300 people. Shape Up will be at the Summer Learning Day to promote PE/RYD.
  • Letter to Senator Boxer – Marianne, Leah (SFBC), Ben (YMCA), and UCSF Pediatric Residents met with Senators Feinstein and Boxer’s office in the past few weeks to ask them to co-sponsor US Senate Bill 800 which would maintain SRTS as a standalone program in the Federal Transportation Bill; protect the existing funding; include high schools and bus stops; reduce overhead and delays; and support evaluation and research.
    Many advocacy alerts have gone out in the past few weeks because Boxer is the head of the Environment and Public Works Committee and is facing a lot of pressure to omit walking and biking projects in the bill. Her Sr. Field Rep., Jennifer Tang, encouraged us to have our partners submit letters of support to Boxer. Steering Committee approved letter with edits: include SB 800 and that California is the first in the country to start Safe Routes to School and none of our senators have co-sponsored the bill. Marianne to sign on behalf of Shape Up
  • Shape Up SF Coalition Meetings – Steering Committee revisits the format of Coalition meetings annually. At our April Coalition meeting, majority of attendees were DPH employees. Attendance is not an indication of the strength of the coalition. In the past year, we’ve winnowed down the focus of our work to three key areas:
    1. Increased PA through: PE Advocates, Safe Routes to School, Walking Challenge;
    2. Increased access to healthy food through SEFA/Food Guardians, DCYF’s citywide food programs; and
    3. Decreased consumption of sugar sweetened drinks through Rethink Your Drink and related policy work.
  • Propose:
    1. Coalition – Annual meeting/mixer in January to celebrate accomplishments, recognize individuals/organizations for outstanding work.
    2. Steering Committee – Hold one steering committee meeting in October to plan for the January meeting. Steering Committee remains intact as an advisory body, and we can expand participation to others. The next Steering Committee meeting will be October 20 from 12-2 at 30 Van Ness, Suite 2300, in the Front Room. We will provide lunch.
  • Next Steps: We will still hold the July 13 meeting. Invite Food Guardians to present. Blue Walcer will make announcement re: SFGH wellness initiative and introduce the new format for Shape Up SF Coalition at that time.

II. Shape Up SF Updates

  1. HEAL Zone – our application has been forwarded to the National Kaiser Permanente Board!
  2. Walking Challenge – We originally linked the Walking Challenge to Walk to School Day in October but moved it to the spring to see if timing was better for DCYF. We are considering moving it back in 2012 (skipping a year). Sunset, a SRTS team, was the team with the highest grossing miles. 22 youth teams completed the Challenge and 13 of those teams were SRTS. In spite of having fewer teams this year compared to last year (171 vs. 246), we had more teams complete the challenge and went a greater distance! The Closing Celebration was fun, we had about 60 people show up.
  3. Safe Routes to School – Applying for Cycle 3 (CalTrans) funds ($1 million infrastructure; $500k non infrastructure) due July 15. If awarded, the earliest we could access these funds is January 2013. Plan to extend program for a year and pick up partners (MTA and PD) that are not covered with the SY 2011-2013 grant (due to environmental focus).
    September 1 we start a new grant with a greater environmental focus. Includes Department of Environment’s Idling reduction campaign and environmental lesson plans. SF SRTS was accepted to speak at National SRTS Conference in Minneapolis this August.
  4. PE Advocates – Still trying to connect with Patricia Gray and Aileen Murphy about date and time for the PE Forum. With school year ending this week, they’ve been unable to commit. Marianne talking to Aileen on Tuesday, 5/31.
    The biggest barrier to implementing quality PE is funding. PEEF (Prop H) is not enough. Time is another barrier, but studies show that taking time away from the classroom to teach PE does not hurt grades. Our long term vision is that all students receive daily, quality PE by a credentialed PE teacher, but there are many intermediary steps. Fitnessgram translation, PEAL, Wellness Policy updates, etc. If we receive the HEAL funding, we will pilot the recommendations at Carver Elementary.
    Sports Basement has offered to host a speaker series. Ken Dyar (PE teacher and CA Teacher of the Year in 2006) and Darin Curtis (Middle school PE teacher and 2011 CA Teacher of the Year) are both on board to speak this summer, to help promote the PE Forum.
    Dr. Ratey is looking forward to the event and has sent some encouraging updates. In LA, he is working with a high school that has implemented a rigorous PE program for 25 of the most difficult high school students, and just two months later, they are already seeing dramatic decreases in absences, and increases in total credits completed.
  5. Rethink Your Drink – Marianne submitted a proclamation request to Mayor’s Office and hopes to get the 4th annual Soda Free Summer declared in SF. Aim to have it by June 21, first official day of summer. In a recent conference, Ken Hecht used the Otter in a presentation. Paula will send to Marianne.
  6. SEFA – Healthy Food Financing – The funding announcement came out from the Wallace Center, and SEFA will apply. Still talking to TCE about SuperSave, but their terms are market rate.
    Food Guardians are doing a lot of work with Foods Co and their wall of value. It is Redevelopment’s highest grossing store in northern CA. Possibly purchase from Redevelopment and rebuild. Ana mentioned traffic safety issues around Foods Co. Seniors don’t have enough time to cross the street. Ana will send the report with data.
    Fresh N Easy to open August 24, and there will be 4 of them in SF.
    Walgreens has launched a healthy food program at certain locations around the City.
    Kaiser Permanente Strategic Partnership Grant – Due June 15. Amount decreased to $25k because of HEAL Zone.

III. Announcements

1. Community Transformation Grants – due July 15.

  • Available Funding: $102 M
  • Number of Awards: 75
  • Range of Awards
    $50K-$500K: Capacity Building
    $500K-$10M: Implementation
  • 5 strategic areas, the first 3 are required:
    1. Tobacco-free living
    2. Active living and healthy eating
    3. High impact evidence-based clinical and other preventive services
    : prevention and control of high blood pressure and cholesterol
    4. Social and emotional wellness
    5. Healthy and safe environment

2. YMCA Community Forum – June 8, 8:30-1 at Chinatown YMCA. Christina will be on a panel.

Morning Plenary Speaker
• George Gascón, San Francisco District Attorney

Panel discussions
Healthy Living: Partnership for Healthy Communities
• Dr. Tomas Aragon, Deputy Director of Health, Department of Public Health
• Gina Fromer, Executive Director, Bayview Hunters Point YMCA
• Christina Goette, Shape Up San Francisco, Department of Public Health
• Dr. Suneil K. Koliwad, MD, PhD Assistant Professor of Medicine, American Diabetes Association
• Roberto Vargas, UCSF, Health Improvement Project
• Dr. Susan Zieff, Department of Kinesiology, SFSU

Youth Development: Closing the Educational and Social Gaps of today’s youth
• Margaret Brodkin, New Day for Learning
• Tacing Parker, Director, Truancy Assessment and Resource Center program, Urban Services YMCA
• Sai-Ling Chan Sew, LCSW, Director Child, Youth & Family System of Care, SF-Department of Public Health Community Behavioral Health Services
• Maria Su, Director, Department of Children, Youth and Their Families
• Kevin Truitt, Associate Superintendent, San Francisco Unified School Distric
RSVP by June 1 to

3. Childhood Obesity Conference – June 28-30

Next Steering Committee meeting: October 20, 12-2. Lunch will be provided.

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