January 23, 2018


1:00-1:30 SSB Advisory Committee Update-  MO request: Coalition recommendations for soda tax revenue
1:10-1:25 Debrief Jan 10 Coalition Meeting
1:25-1:35 Asset mapping tool – goal to send the survey too partners by end of next week.
1:35-2:30 Community feedback process


Present: Bea Cardenas Duncan (SUSFC), Cassie Ray (ACS), Emily Turpin (Y of SF), Roberto Vargas (UCSF), Saeeda Hafiz (SFUSD), Sarah Nelson (18 Reasons), Franny Wong (Children’s Council), Ana Validzic (SFDPH), Shelly Dyer (THCS), Christina Goette (SFDPH), Marianne Szeto (SFDPH)

SSB Advisory Committee Update

Roberto and Joi Jackson are the co-chairs of the SSB Advisory Committee. On January 19, the SSB Advisory Committee met. They received a data presentation by SFDPH that focused on consumption and health outcomes using diabetes, heart disease, and hospitalization data. Disparities among African American, Latino, Pacific Islander, Native American populations and SUSFC need their input for prioritization of activities.

Dean Schillinger presented on evaluating impact of soda tax and other interventions like food subsidies (EatSF). Dean’s team is seeking funding for evaluation over 5 years.

The Mayor’s Budget director presented on how they spent the funds for this fiscal year. At the Dec 21 meeting, the SSB Adv Cte was told that all the money was spent, and the decision was made by the Mayor’s office and Board of Supervisors. They made the decisions since the committee was not in place and tried to make decisions that were in alignment with the intent of the law. Some funding went to backfilling existing work. There is still $200K for the SSB Adv Cte to spend before June 30. The Committee has less then 5 months to get this funding out the door. SUSFC’s strategic planning can help inform the Committee.

The Committee has formed three subcommittees that are open to those interested in participating. They can help move the work forward in the subcommittee, but have no voting power.

  1. Community Input
  2. Data and Evidence
  3. Infrastructure and Evaluation

SUSFC is well represented on the Committee. Roberto, Saeeda, Rita all sit on the Committee. Bea is an active participant. Saeeda volunteered to share any upcoming meeting dates with the SUSFC Google listserv.

The Committee is tasked with developing compelling stories about how the revenue should be spent.

MO request: Coalition recommendations for soda tax revenue

On January 11, SUSFC staff were requested by DPH Director of Health Equity and Quality Improvement to put together SUSFC recommendations for spending soda tax revenue, due the same day. the SUSF SC reviewed the prioritized list and agreed to share with the rest of the SC and those who participated in the strategic planning meetings for feedback. Feedback will be due by January 31. The SC agreed it was appropriate to share the final list with the SSB Adv Cte. The SC agreed that SUSFC should advocate for SSB Adv Cte funding priorities that are in alignment with SUSFC priorities. Need to add demographics and data to the recommendation list.

Debrief January 10 Coalition Meeting

Well attended and SUSFC continues to engage and attract new stakeholders to the table. One thing that Roberto tried and will continue to emphasize is that the Coalition partners need to step up. During the discussion of how to get community feedback, foks kept saying “you guys should….” but the message needs to be “we could….”

Partner Asset Mapping Survey and Community Feedback Tool

SC reviewed survey and gave feedback. Staff will send survey to partners and close survey by January 31. Staff will also direct add SC members to the Google listserv.

Staff also reviewed matrix with activities that rose to the top after voting at the January 10 Coalition meeting. The tool has two columns – the proposed activity and the “translation” or what success looks like if that activity is met. As the SUSFC collects feedback from community, staff will use this matrix to translate into proposed activities. If it does not translate, the idea/activity will be recorded.

The Y will be doing surveys in Hope SF and can add a few questions. Staff will follow up with Emily.

Y can also share data and have youth and DPP participants provide testimonials to support the “storytelling” aspect of SSB Adv Cte recommendations.

SC requests clarity on the timeline for feedback. There are parallel tracks with feedback for the SSB Adv Cte and for SUSFC strategic planning.


Next SC meeting is February 27 at 25 Van Ness, room 330A
Join SUSF Coalition Google Group susf-coalition@googlegroups.com



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