January 21, 2010



To bring together members of Shape Up Coalition Steering Committee to direct Shape Up Coalition & evaluate progress

Desired Outcomes:

Provide Feedback for Coalition Meeting & plan agenda

Discuss SUSF projects and direction of Coalition



1. Welcome
2. Shape Up Updates

§ Update Shape Up Workplan

§ Walking Challenge

§ Plate to Plate

§ Rethink Your Drink

§ Sunday Streets

§ Safe Routes to School

§ WebActive

§ Tickets to Childhood Obesity Training: February 27, 2010

3. Coalition Agenda for April 14, 2010

§ Speaker – food/nutrition

§ Shape Up Updates

§ Announcements

4. Child Nutrition Reauthorization Letter
5. Announcements
6. Next Steps


Steering Committee meeting schedule – the third Thursday of every other month from 1-2:30 PM at 1390 Market St., Suite 900 in The West Wing. The next meeting is: March 18, 2010.


Present: Paula Jones (DPH – Food), Christina Goette (DPH – Chronic Disease Prevention), Amy Portello Nelson (DCYF – Child Nutrition), Ana Validzic (DPH – Pedestrian Safety), Gloria Thornton (Anthem Blue Cross/Childhood Obesity Task Force), Josh Muxen (Run for Something Better), Lara Sallee (KP), Patricia Erwin (DPH – Newcomer’s Health), Marianne Szeto (Shape Up)

Shape Up Updates
Reviewed 2010 Shape Up Workplan, which was based on our strategic plan. With budget cuts and reduced staffing, we did not add more work but are focusing on digging deeper with partners and establish greater reach with our existing programs. Things will change if we get the ARRA grant, and Christina is working on getting paperwork ready to expedite the grant if we get funded.

Walking Challenge
– Website is close to final. Registration will begin February 1.
– Send Amy information on event announcements related to physical activity opportunities in SF that she can include on the website and in her weekly newsletters.
– Amy is doing outreach to potential sponsors, partners, and participants. Boys and Girls Club, YMCA, Excel Afterschool, SFUSD Health Advocates are committed to encouraging their orgs to participate. Amy has a Google Doc with information and needs help doing outreach to sponsors who may donate prizes or incentive items. Please contact Amy or Marianne for the link.

When reaching out to sponsors, here are helpful tips for requests:
– If people can donate small items (pens, pedometers, notebooks, etc.) please ask for 150 or more.
– If they can donate a one time gift (10-class pass for yoga, bicycle, etc.), we will probably use it as part of a weekly contest or drawing.
– If they can offer discounts to participants, we’d prefer coupons that could be emailed or coupon codes that people could give in person. We don’t have the capacity to mail things to people.
– We will probably only have an adult closing ceremony event, so if people are interested in organizing their own events, we can probably help by advertising it to our participants, encouraging their attendance and maybe offering some $$ for food/drinks.

The Giant Race: Pre-game expo June 11, Race day June 12
The Giants are taking over Stadium to Stadium and combining their 5K Plate to Plate Run with a half marathon. Communities of Opportunity, the beneficiary of Stadium to Stadium, has offered to give Shape Up the visibility from the race. Christina and Marianne spoke with race organizers and we will have presence at pre and post expo and possibly host a water table along the route. We will be asking for volunteers from the Coalition and the Physical Activity Council. They may create a SUSF discount code for the first 400 to sign up and they can get discount rate and free ticket to Friday night’s game. Anyone who participates in either race has the opportunity to fundraise for Project Open Hand. It’s not the registration fees that benefit project open hand. The arrangement is that anyone who signs up to run will be encouraged to fundraise on POH’s behalf.

Rethink Your Drink
With the new Drink Water piece and momentum around SFS, we are broadening the campaign to Rethink Your Drink and Marianne has created a Sponsorship Proposal packet and is working with partners like the YMCA, Rec Park, Jr. Giants now to integrate the campaign into their existing programs. DWSTO has been sent to CHDP dentists and reached out to summer camp programs. We are talking to Cynergreen to get a deal on stainless steel bottles that are co-branded for $5.10. Will encourage partners to purchase bottles for incentives and prizes. Ana suggested that those applying for the Healthy Walking RFA write a line item to buy water bottles. 65 bottles would only be about $350. If anyone has any pockets of money they need to spend, let us know. Marianne and Christina will be talking to them next week about a potential partnership.
* Marianne will talk to Gloria and Peter Varnet about distributing brochures.
* Marianne will send info about bottle offer when final

Sunday Streets
There will be nine Sunday Streets this year, with the first one coming up in March. The City will also be piloting weekly car-free space in one neighborhood – possibly Chinatown. The City has really committed with MTA as the lead agency. With so many Sunday Streets this year, we really need support from the Coalition to help staff the table. How do we make the table an engaging experience? Make participants earn giveaways. Bring sidewalk chalk.
* Gloria will check with Anthem to use some of their games.
* Marianne will ask SUSF activity partners for ideas and help with staffing.

March 14 – Embarcadero – Marianne, Gloria, Amy
April 11 – Great Highway – Ana
April 18 – Bayview

Safe Routes to School
The two-year Safe Routes to School program, funded by a $500,000 grant from the federal government and Caltrans, is led by the SF Department of Public Health and supported by the SF Bicycle Coalition, SF Unified School District, SF Municipal Transportation Agency, SF Police Department, and Department of Children, Youth and Families, with additional program support from the SF Unified School District Office of Sustainability and the Presidio YMCA Bike Program.

The program launched at five elementary schools in the 2009-10 school year: Bryant (Mission District), George Washington Carver (Bayview), Longfellow (Excelsior), Sunnyside (Sunnyside), Sunset (Outer Sunset) and there will be 10 more schools next school year. This semester will be focused on implementation. The SFBC will be teaching pedestrian safety to 2nd grade classes and bike safety to 4th grade classes. The Walking Challenge and Bike to School Day will fulfill the encouragement piece of SRTS grant. Data analysis is interesting. Longfellow for example has 44% of kids who walk to school, but 40% who are driven to school. Ana was invited to present at SPUR to the transportation committee on February 1. There is possible funding on a regional level for SRTS ($1 million over 3 years). The Transportation Authority will be hosting a meeting in February with DOE and current SRTS partners. SRTS is on its way to becoming a SF institution like Sunday Streets. Ana’s persistence and relationship building has really paid off. Great job, Ana!

One stop shop for physical activity and nutrition resources for self-directed and program oriented users. The Childhood Obesity Taskforce did a pilot PA referral hotline: physicians were referring youth to quality-approved physical activity programs. This would be an expansion of that and also bring in a whole self-directed activity piece like Transit and Trails or Map My Run. We wrote this into the ARRA grant, but we have an opportunity to explore this project regardless of funding. Marianne is currently talking with GIS Enterprise and DTIS, RPD, MTA to talk about what data is available. We will keep the Steering Committee posted on any progress.

Childhood Obesity Training: Feb 27
The training is for practitioners of all kinds in hopes of bridging the gap between providers and clinicians. Shape Up is a silver sponsor and we have 8 free admissions. Christina has offered two tickets to YMCA and Sports Basement (as Gold Medal Partners; Kaiser is also a sponsor so they have their own free tickets). We may have 3-7 extra tickets.
* Marianne to offer free tickets to SUSF members who will staff Shape Up table at Sunday Streets.

Pouring on the Pounds
Last year, CDPH contacted Christina because they got money and permission to use the NYC  Are you drinking yourself fat? campaign. We got the ad-space donated, so on February 1, 400 buses will have interior ads (will run from Feb-Apr), and 100 will have tail light ads (to run from Feb through mid-March). Interior ads are estimated to reach 4 million viewers per month. Exterior ads estimated to reach 32 million per month. The City seal will be used rather than Shape Up, since it is not the type of message we like to convey, but is effective in raising awareness. We hope that the ad-run will come with other announcements of legislation.

Buddy Club
The founder of the Buddy Club contacted DCYF and would like Shape Up to be involved in the debut of “Hey You Up There” which is debuting on local Comcast Sports Bay Area next spring. It will be a free event with activities in the Marina on May 23, the same day as Sunday Streets in the Bayview. This is not our priority population, and it’s in direct competition with Sunday Streets. Staffing is also an issue. Amy will get back to Scot that we just don’t have the capacity to be at both events at the same time.

Letters of Support
- Ana is preparing a grant to the Office of Traffic Safety due next week on the Pedestrian Network project that we wrote into the ARRA grant. The Ped Network is needed to prioritize funding for pedestrian projects. Shape Up will write a LOS.
– Child Nutrition Reauthorization – Amy will pull together draft letter and we will send to Steering Committee for feedback/approval.

April Coalition Meeting: April 14
This month’s presentation by Dr. Kristen Madsen on evidenced-based strategies to increase physical activity was great. Our next presentation should be around food.
Colleen Cavenaugh can present on school food, but that is her main focus.
Panel to represent different stakeholders? WIC, CFPA, Children’s Council, SNPAC& ? Problem is time. With quarterly meetings, we have many updates. We could do special outreach to invite those people to attend, but not necessarily do a panel.
California Food Policy Advocates – Ken Hecht could provide a bigger picture.
* Christina to invite Ken.

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