January 10, 2018

2-4 PM | 25 Van Ness, suite 70 conference room (lower level)

Vision:  All San Franciscans have access to healthy eating and active living where they live, work, learn and play.
Mission:  To convene partners for greater collective impact in order to create equitable and sustainable environments, systems and policies that promote healthy eating and active living across the lifespan in San Francisco.
Priority Areas:

  1. Increase access to healthy food
  2. Increase opportunities for physical activity
  3. Increase consumption of water
  4. Decrease consumption of sugary drinks

Values: Prevention, Social Justice, Diversity


Welcome 2:00-2:05
Debrief December 14 meeting

a. Activities across all areas (PDF)
b. SSB (PDF)
c. Water (PDF)
d. Food (PDF)
e. Physical activity (PDF)

Tier 2 discussion

a. Define Coalition-level activities
b. What does it mean to be evidence-based?
c. How do we get community feedback and support?

Outline next steps  3:20-3:30
Voting and networking 3:30-4:00
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