December 8, 2011

Introductions – Welcome Cheryl Davis!

Action Items
1. Chair/Co-Chair
2. American College of Sports Medicine Annual Conference – May 2012

3. Year in Review – deadline extended to December 14.
4. Walking Challenge

Coalition Meetings
5. January 11, 2012: intro and building a movement to create sustainable funding source.

i. TFP Presentation – Alyonik Hrushow, Director SFTFP
ii. Phone calls – identify key players

6. April 11, 2012 – Why focus on sugar?
7. July 11, 2012 – Navigating Prop 26
8. October 10, 2012 – Next steps

Meeting Minutes
Present: Bea, Paula, Cheryl, Christina, Amy, Susana, Gloria, Lara, Marianne

Welcome Cheryl Davis! Cheryl is the HEAL Zone Coordinator. Her experiences from the Network for a Healthy California and as a nutrition instructor at Diablo Valley College make her a great fit for the position and we’re excited to bring her on board.

Chair/Co-Chair of SUSF
At the last Steering Committee meeting, we agreed to reinvigorate quarterly meetings to draw people to the table under a unifying policy objective: the need to identify a sustainable funding stream. In January, we’d like to showcase the experience and expertise of SF’s Tobacco Free Project. As SUSF pursues this policy objective, it’s important to have a chair or co-chairs who can speak on behalf of the coalition in a way that staff of city agencies are unable to do.

• How to recruit? Two co-chairs is good, to represent the broader coalition and then projects.
• Self-nomination process/application and the SC will vote. TFP has a nomination form and co-chair responsibilities.
• Selection criteria can include:

  • participation in SUSF;
  • ability to speak publicly to media;
  • to facilitate quarterly coalition meetings and attend bi-monthly SC meetings; and
  • no conflict of interest to advocate for SUSF policy directives around sugar sweetened beverages, Safe Routes to School, physical education, food access, and other areas in which SUSF works.
  • 2 year staggered term so there is always someone with experience leading the Coalition.
  • Christina will introduce this in the December Shape Up newsletter. Application will be live by January 2nd and promoted at January 11th Coalition meeting. Close application process by end of January and hopefully have a chair/co-chairs by April Coalition meeting.
  • Start thinking of folks we should invite to nominate. Marianne will send al list of folks who have participated in various SUSF meetings in 2011. Doesn’t necessarily have to have experience in advocating for ballot initiatives. There may be potential funding through the AHA for advocacy training.

American College of Sports Medicine Annual Conference – May 2012
ACSM’s Annual Conference will be held in SF next May. Susan Zieff could not attend today’s meeting but asked if SUSF would like to be involved in some way. This could mean co-hosting a reception, presentation, exhibit, etc. We can promote at January and April Coalition meetings. Bea and Gloria indicated interest in staffing. Christina will follow up with Susan for more details.

2011 Year in Review
Marianne provided a draft for review. Please provide any additional blurbs by 12/14 to ensure that this gets printed and ready for the 1/11 coalition meeting.

2012 Walking Challenge
Based on the Surveymonkey in which nearly 300 people participated, 67% preferred the WC to start in late spring. Next year’s dates will be April 2 – June 8, with the kick-off being tied to April 6’s Walk to Work Day. HSS will coordinate outreach to city departments, Walk SF will help promote to the community. SUSF will be filling a temporary position to cover pedestrian safety, some SUSF responsibilities, and the Walking Challenge with a mid-February start date.

2012 Coalition Meetings
January 11 – Building a movement to create a sustainable funding source. Alyonik Hrushow, SF Tobacco Free Project
April 11 – Why focus on sugar? UCSF – science behind sugar and links to obesity. Paula – who else is focusing on sugar?
July 11 – Navigating Prop 26 – Marice Ash/Ian McLaughlin, PHLP
October 10 – Next steps

Marianne on maternity leave January 9
Amy on maternity leave April 6
There is an opening for a Food Guardian, preferably bilingual.

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