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SUSFC priorities
The Shape Up SF Coalition is in the midst of refreshing our strategic plan. The Coalition’s priorities remain increasing: access to healthy food, opportunities for physical activity, and consumption of tap water; and decreasing consumption of sugary drinks. The Coalition will be using a Results Based Accountability (RBA) framework that is conducive for collective impact efforts such as Shape Up’s to guide the strategic planning process.

To gather input from our partners, the Coalition has convened a number of meetings from September through December of 2017 and circulated an online survey that resulted in 52 responses. On December 14, at Rafiki Coalition for Health and Wellness, Shape Up SF Coalition convened a half day meeting with nearly 50 partners to help rank activities that Coalition members had proposed in each of our four priority areas.

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Here are the summaries from each breakout session:

Sugary Drinks (PDF) | Water (PDF) | Food (PDF) | Physical Activity (PDF)

At our Coalition meeting on January 10, 2018, we will share the results from this meeting and continue the process to refine the activities, discuss evidence-based strategies and feasibility, and seek ways to gather community feedback. If you cannot attend, but would like to participate in the planning, please let us know.



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