Strategic Directions

strategic plan one pagerShape Up SF Coalition released a 3-year strategic plan (PDF)  in October 2015. The strength of SUSF’s Strategic Plan, and the key to its overall successful performance, is that it works with a broad array of partners within SUSF and communities to develop and implement culturally relevant strategies that meet the needs and focuses on communities experiencing the greatest health inequities in San Francisco.

SUSF seeks to maximize impact by concentrating efforts on policy, systems and environmental changes because these approaches impact at the population level, whereas direct services require more intensive one-on-one work. Collective impact comes into play with the Coalition because many of our partners offer vital direct services like physical activity programs or cooking classes that are complemented by safer parks or increased access to healthy food. While the Coalition focuses on systems-level efforts (e.g. reducing access to sugary drinks) our partners provide services (nutrition education) that begin to change the culture around healthy eating and active living.

In the next 3 years, SUSF will focus on achievable policy and systems changes, in context of limited time and resources, and select objectives that will have the greatest impact based on the latest science, political environment, and other factors. The primary approach will be on smaller, progressive steps to eventually achieve change on a broader scale. This requires balancing the tension between ideal and winnable strategies. SUSF will continue to partner with a broad range of partners to work toward environments that promote healthy options.

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